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English Introduction

Hi there, my name is Fabian Forth.

After 3 years of studies and 5 years of what people would call a career i quit my job, sold everything I had and started an incredible journey.

I travelled for 3 ½ years, worked as a canyoning guide in the Indian jungle, a cowboy in Australia, a vineyard operator in New Zealand and experienced a lot more weird stuff.

And it changed me.

I started questioning the status quo, what society considers normal and most of all: myself.

My current projects are diving deep into our human belief systems, analysing our own behaviours and encouraging people to change their inner world, so that their outer world can follow – leading to a self-determined and fulfilled life.

In my videos on YouTube and my podcast I ask the question „why are we the way we are“ in many different ways, provide new perspectives on everyday life and tools for self-reflection.

I also wrote a book about my inner transformation during my travels, but it is just available in german right now.

Also, I just started mentoring people who are longing for change in their life with 1-on-1 Videocalls, guiding and supporting them with my experience in personal development, self-realisation, longterm travels and emigration. Helping them to create the life of their dreams.


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f.e. if you think there should be more content in english, that the whole podcast should be international or whatever … let me know

Über Fabian


Seit 7 Jahren bin ich frei auf diesem Planeten unterwegs, habe unzählige Leben gelebt und in vielen Ländern eine neue Heimat gefunden. Ich erforsche Gefühle, Ängste, Gedanken und Identität in Zusammenhang mit gesellschaftlichen Normen und Strukturen.

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Die innere Entwicklung der ersten 3½ Jahre meiner Weltreise. Verrückte Abenteuer, neue Kulturen und tiefgreifende Konfrontationen mit mir selbst.

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